Producing Teaching Videos to Enhance Critical Thinking: Teaching Development Projects in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Lennon TSANG
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


Teaching videos produced by third parties can be expensive and lack of local contexts. Since 2004, we were awarded with three teaching development project grants to produce 21 episodes of teaching videos with duration ranging from 20 to 35 minutes. In-house production team was adopted. We interviewed prominent advertising and public relations practitioners in Hong Kong and China to share their marketing communication practices and real life cases.

The teaching videos can be used as a springboard for in-class discussion. We prepare 2 to 3 questions and engage students to reflect on after showing the video. In addition to the visual images, we rewrite the transcripts into book chapters. We published a book titled "New vision in public relations and advertising" (City University of Hong Kong Press, 2006) based on the first volume of our teaching videos. From our experience, the videos have a shelf time of about four years. The presentation will showcase the final products in DVD formats, and the spin-off outputs including worksheets with discussion questions and book volumes. The presentation will share the production process, from contacting interviewees, shooting, engaging project assistants in various tasks, post-production, to the method of evaluation of its usage and reception. Teaching evaluation results found that these videos are well-received by the students. The teaching DVDs, when shared with scholars around the world, enhanced Hong Kong Baptist University's reputation in teaching and learning.

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