Transforming NGLE’s (Next Generation Learning Spaces) through Interdisciplinary Leadership Using Global Exemplars

University of Melbourne, Australia

Robert A ELLIS
University of Sydney, Australia


The production, maintenance and use of NGLE's is cross-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and imbued with complexity. This has inhibited a much needed transition from the passive, didactic, lecture model of knowledge transmission to a more active blended model of teaching and learning. The authors developed and then trialled a transformative leadership approach in association with one of the Australian Councils of Deans annual meetings. In a 2 hour interactive workshop the key issues related to such transformation were determined for that particular discipline. An NGLE case study was used to illustrate a range of wireless enabled formal (timetabled), informal and social spaces which all supported a blended teaching and learning model. The feedback from the Deans enabled a shared understanding of the nature of the cross-disciplinarity, complexity and spatial literacy contexts critical to successful implementing such a transformative process. The outcome was a higher likelihood of multiple stakeholder needs being met and a greater understanding of the role of people, technology and place in the campus-based teaching learning process. It is hoped this transformative model can be scaled up across all Councils of Deans conferences in the coming year and that Global case studies can be included in this approach.

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