Global World, Global Mind: Narratives of HKU Worldwide Exchange Graduates

Chun Chun Ivy LAI
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


"Internationalization" is what makes the University of Hong Kong reputable. Ranked as the world top 26, in QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Ranking, the University of Hong Kong provides students with ample opportunities to experience the global world, to engage in the global mind.

The HKU Worldwide Exchange Programme, established in 1998, allows students to study abroad for a certain period to sharpen their global vision.

Whereas the HKU Worldwide Exchange Program fosters worldwide university partnerships, the HKU Worldwide China Exchange Program has cooperated with Mainland partner universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University that enable students to study in Mainland China, as China starts to get a stronger connection to the world globally ever.

This study will investigate how the University of Hong Kong (HKU) facilitates "Internationalization" which contributes to the international fame of HKU. Narratives of HKU Worldwide Exchange graduates (given their identities as anonymous) will be examined to explore the ways in which these graduates embrace cultural diversities in the global world, with the global mind. The research question of the study is: How does the participation in HKU Worldwide Exchange Programme prepare HKU graduates for a globalized world?

The effectiveness of the HKU Exchange Programme can be measured by analyzing the relations between the issues articulated through the narratives of HKU Worldwide Exchange graduates and the "Internationalization" of HKU.

This addresses how the University of Hong Kong prepares graduates for a globalized world.

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