An Institutional Approach to Developing Graduates for a Globalised World

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

University of Leeds, United Kingdom


The University of Leeds is one of the top 100 Universities in the world and is committed to providing students with opportunities to "prepare them as graduates for a globalised world". This presentation will showcase LeedsforLife, an institutional initiative to support the delivery of a distinctive Leeds experience to help students make the most of University and inspire them to develop their full potential.

This transformational initiative, developed in the spirit of the University Partnership, integrates academic and co-curricular opportunities through the provision of a single University-wide model of support for personal tutoring and a system by which students can find co-curricular skills development opportunities and are then helped to articulate and reflect on the skills they have gained. Andrea Jackson, Faculty Pro Dean for Student Education, will present the institutional approach to the development of LeedsforLife. Linda Allinson, a LeedsforLife undergraduate student ambassador, will co-present using case studies to demonstrate the success of the initiative in preparing students to take their place in a global environment including: the Leeds Network, accessing career insights from our global alumni community; LeedsforLife Foundation Grants funding students to experience new environments and cultures; the Intercultural Ambassadors Programme training UK and international student volunteers to develop projects to help students from all backgrounds enjoy being part of a multicultural academic community; and the LeedsforLife Citizenship Awards, an annual celebration of student achievements. We are keen to discuss our approach and learn from the experience of others in the global educational community.

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