Developing Cultural Awareness and Understanding in Outcome-based Learning Using Multimedia Teaching and Learning Approaches in Teaching Music, Society, and Culture

Wai-Chung HO
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


This showcase presentation intends to help learners consider the relationship between music and society in cultures other than their own, and the extent to which this influences their own multicultural contemporary society. It will show the teaching and learning approaches in the presenter's first delivery of the General Education Course entitled "Music, Society and Culture" that is offered in two individual sessions by the Department of Music, Hong Kong Baptist University, in the second semester of 2013-2014. The course integrates a large range of communication elements - text, sound, photographs, animation, and videos - to facilitate teaching and learning and to articulate the values of music and culture in society. This learning tool surveys the relationships between society, culture, and musical genres by examining musical (1) production, (2) content, and (3) reception and use to promote higher-level thinking questions and to meet the needs of various learning styles in the course. In addition to the course design and multimedia technology packages, self-study modes, learners' final projects, and their individual reflection essays are the means to expanding students' understanding of the varied and complex nature of learning and teaching in terms of music and society. The showcase presentation aims to produce a music programme which combines innovative and classical teaching methods to help learners excel in their cultural understanding, as well as to build a culturally diverse learning environment to maximise their development in higher education for a globalised world.

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