Global Collegiality through HERDSA Fellowships - Glimpses into Academic Journeys

Curtin University, Malaysia

Griffith University, Australia

Susan BOLT
Curtin University, Australia


Academic journeys are shaped by attainments in teaching, research and community engagement to advance academic careers. Often academics pressed for time due to heavy workloads do not have time to pause to reflect deeply or consciously about how research projects are completed, courses taught, or papers published which may have an impact on their personal selves, and their wellbeing. The Higher Education Research Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) introduced the HERDSA Fellowship eleven years ago as a professional scheme to promote reflective and evidence based practice in higher education. This paper focuses on the impact that being involved in the HERDSA Fellowship has had on the reflective practices of three HERDSA fellows, from three different cultures, currently engaged in academic development leadership roles, and have collaborated professionally in several academic activities. Little did they realise that while collaborating to write joint reports and developmental cycles, that they would come together to reflect deeply and personally on their academic achievements or perceived failures. Two of the HERDSA fellows have submitted fellowship renewals twice in 'triad groups', and have reflected on achievements and academic tasks undertaken. They worked with a third HERDSA fellow on a joint research grant submission and in other academic activities. This paper provides insights into the shared journey of three academics as they engaged in a supportive and collaborative process to develop as teaching scholars. It highlights how collaborative scholarly activities forge academic friendships, and encourage reflective practice, and professional development among HERDSA fellows.

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