Essentials for Global Citizenship: A Whole of Curriculum Approach to Make Every Graduate World Ready, Future Ready and Work Ready

La Trobe University, Australia

La Trobe University, Australia


In keeping with its founding principles and progressive social values, La Trobe University has taken a bold approach to the globalisation challenge, by defining and introducing into all undergraduate courses the "attributes and capabilities ... graduates require to excel in a globalized world". La Trobe has developed three curriculum Essentials that all students will experience and be assessed on, to develop their capacities to think broadly and innovatively, and apply the latest knowledge and skills to our most pressing global challenges. These Essentials are: global citizenship, sustainable thinking and innovation & entrepreneurship - see The showcase outlines the methods used to: a. develop the Essentials over two years, aligned with the institution’s identity and aspirations, and drawing on existing curriculum review and redesign processes; b. evaluate current courses for the extent to which the Essential are already included; and c. enhance and extend the coverage of the Essentials in every course, and in the overall learning experience of each student. A whole-of-institution approach was required to achieve coverage of the Essentials by all students, aligned at all levels with the institutional culture, identity and practice. A pre-implementation evaluation in each faculty revealed that over half of the undergraduate courses already contained significant elements of the Essentials, or potential to extend existing ‘background’ themes. Key implementation tools and strategies have included: curriculum intensives, detailed course mapping, and checklist evaluation of subjects. Progress towards fully implementing the Essentials will be reported as part of the Showcase.

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