Paving the Way to Open Practice: An Institution-wide TELT Blueprint

Natalie BROWN
University of Tasmania, Australia

University of Tasmania, Australia

Stenden University Qatar, Qatar


This showcase will outline the process of developing a whole-of-institution approach to Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT). The project arose from an initiative focussed on exploring the opportunities and challenges of the global open educational movement, including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Drawing on literature, recent TELT reports and discussion papers, as well as university strategic plans a series of consultations was conducted with internal stakeholders. Data from these stakeholders was collected through written surveys, focus groups and invited submissions. As the consultations progressed, it became clear that a common understanding, and systematic adoption, of technology to enhance learning and teaching was a necessary starting point for more open practice. The project team then focussed their attention on outlining, through a White Paper, a model of blended learning that capitalised on the strengths of the institution and focussed on successful student learning. Extension of this model to promote sharing, adaptation and adoption of open educational resources, and to shape an agreed institutional MOOC strategy was then possible, effectively setting the scene to open the university to the world. The resultant document was subjected to peer review within the university and through an external critical friend with international expertise in TELT. The process of broad consultation, writing, peer review and subsequent successful endorsement and promulgation of the White Paper (Brown, Kregor & Williams, 2013) will be presented for discussion.

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