Exploring Asia Literacy as Alternatives to Internationalise Western-based Curricula in Australian Higher Education

Caterina HO
University of Melbourne, Australia


The study relates the current issues of Asia literacy and internationalisation of the curriculum in Australia. In the light of these significant yet isolated developments, it places Asia literacy central to exploring internationalisation of the curriculum as alternative ways to reorient university programs in Western countries in the tide of global literacy. Through a critical review of the literature, the study presents key theoretical concerns pertaining to how Asia literacy could be manifested within the Western-based curriculum in the context of Australian higher education. It concludes that Asia literacy could be imagined as a complementary paradigm. By broadening the prevailing Western-based curriculum, evidence supports that Asia literacy may encourage the development of multilingual and intercultural competencies in graduates. Given the pivotal role of language and culture in the pedagogical sphere of internationalisation, the study offers implications for the integration of multiple languages and cultures into inclusive curricula to prepare graduates for the global context.

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