Transforming the 21st Campus in a Globalised World

University of Melbourne, Australia

Woods Bagot Architects, Australia


The HERDSA 2014 sub-theme 'embracing challenges and opportunities for higher education in a globalised world' seeks to explore the likely challenges and opportunities for Higher Education in a globalised world and how to meet these creatively and positively and make good use of opportunities offered. This paper examines the triggers which are impacting on the 1000 year old model of the campus and what transformations will need to take place in the 21stC. It explores factors Impacting on the design, planning and sustainability of university camuses, the unprecedented competition, the impact of the creative economy, cross-disciplinarity and translational research, the emergence of the flipped classroom and campus and the drive to transform the academic workplace. It concludes with the notion of a pixellated campus which can map against the virtual and mobile world we are now living in.

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