Technological Solutions which Contribute to the Engagement and Retention of Distributed Learners

Rhonda LEECE
University of New England, Australia


Engagement and Retention are contemporary issues of interest within the Higher Education sector. Traditional perspectives on retaining students have been based on traditional methods of educational delivery. Understanding how the emergence of new technologies can deliver a strategized approach to engaging and retaining students is of significant benefit to the sector. Unit evaluation and other quality teaching measures are generally undertaken outside the personal, emotional and social context of the student. The Early Alert Program (EAP), aims to capture a holistic picture of student engagement and in so doing contribute insights which will assist universities to engage and retain greater numbers of students. EAP is focused on developing and maintaining engagement with students by actively listening to and responding to the voice of the student.

This Showcase presentation will illustrate how the strategies deployed by one Distance Education Provider are dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of students. The program takes advantage of technology to engage students in meaningful ways through:

EAP has had a demonstrable impact on student engagement and retention and it reflects the theme of Capitalizing technology in higher education for a globalized world.

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