Development of a Comprehensive Approach for Assessing General Education: A Case of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Wing Leung WONG
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Theresa KWONG
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


Globalization in higher education is typified by a far-reaching consensus to a set of common competencies preferred by global employers, expansion in transnational education and mutual recognition of qualifications, and wide adoption of learning outcomes assessment.

Aiming at equipping students with series of generic and transferable knowledge, skills and attitudes on top of majors, GE plays an irreplaceable role in helping students attain the university-level learning outcomes that ultimately forge their competitiveness in globalized economy and help them become global citizens. However there is lack of a more comprehensive approach to assess the accomplishment of GE learning outcomes, including a systematic process, effective assessment criteria and holistic evidence (Bresciani, 2007; Judith & Keith, 2012).

This showcase aims to present a more comprehensive assessment approach for GE developed in a public university of Hong Kong, covering the below principles:

  1. Adopting both direct and indirect measures to provide multiple evidence;
  2. Adopting the university-level assessment criteria on top of various disciplines
  3. Blending subject expertise with teaching and learning specialty;
  4. Employing an assessment-specialized IT system

For direct measure, instructors are responsible for selecting the representative student works and conducting assessment by their agreed criteria; for indirect measure, student learning survey is used to examine students' change in learning approaches resulted from their learning experiences. Triangulation of multi-faceted evidence constituted an overall judgment that students are on the right track in achieving the learning outcomes. Reflections were derived about conducting the outcomes assessment for GE to gear to the globalized education.

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