Assessing Self-assessment Ability of Dental Students, Through the On-line Teaching of Implant Dentistry

The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Dentists and physicians in particular in rehabilitation disciplines, are faced on a daily basis with complex problems and need to make fast decisions that can seriously affect the long-term quality of life of patients. Such decisions require not only a good background in theoretical and research evidence, but also the ability synthesise knowledge and engage in a life-long learning course of continuous professional development. Research has shown that at the core of a life long learning practice lies the ability to self-assess ones decisions and outcomes and consequently identify learning objectives for continuous improvement.

The overall objective of this project is to develop a structured methodology for the development and assessment of reflective skills of dental students. Self assessment skills reflect student’s ability to relate his decisions to that of colleagues, reflect on his judgement and relate it to that of others and finally to identify deficiencies and define future learning objectives. This methodology is based on the theoretical framework of previous work with assessing self-assessment ability, it will however adjust the method to an on-line, student centred and student paced learning environment. This will be made possible through a database driven web-based learning environment,. which would guide the students to engage in a reflective dialogue, aiming to gradually help them practice and improve their self assessment skills.

The learning environment will is based on a constructivist theoretical framework and will also serve as a formative and summative assessment tool for their reflective skills and self-assessment ability.

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