Teaching Crime Prevention with Chinese Learners: A Journey of Discovery and Enrichment

Jessica Chi Mei LI
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Despite a large number of studies with Western samples on activity-based learning approach have supported the positive outcome in tertiary education. Specifically, criminology is one of the ideal disciplines for this approach. In spite of this, it remains uncertain if this learning approach is applicable to the Chinese learners in criminology discipline. This presentation describes and provides evidence of the benefits of using active learning approach in a criminology class in a public-funded university in a Chinese city - Hong Kong. Using quantitative and qualitative data collected from five cohorts of student (N=180) enrolled in the course over four years (2008-2012) through structured questionnaire, focus group meetings, and students' self-reflection, it was evident that activity-based learning could not only enable Chinese learners to achieve the course intended outcomes but also could advance their competence in knowledge discovery and transfer from classroom, through online platform, to the community. In addition to reporting the student learning outcomes, this presentation discusses the interlocking relationship of "discovery enrichment curriculum", "activity-based approach", "knowledge transfer activities", and "research and teaching nexus" in a series of teaching and learning projects from a new researcher's perspective

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