Peripatetic Pedagogy

Patricia J. FLANAGAN
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


Jean- Jacques Rousseau (1953) wrote "There is something about walking that enlivens my thoughts. When I stay in one place I can hardly think at all, my body needs to be on the move to set my mind going."

Advances in communication technologies make it easier than ever before to locate learning environments in alternative spaces outside traditional classroom settings and enrich learners experience through context specific delivery. In this way pedagogy incorporates experience design.

Three case studies are described in this presentation, each explores the architecture of blended learning environments and the use of the Internet as prosthetic to augment and extend teaching and learning.

Each project operates at micro and macro levels, meeting learners as individuals as well as clearly linking knowledge and its dissemination to wider forums at community and societal levels. Delivery and assessment methods are explained and diagrams are provided to describe the mainframe architecture of the expanded classroom that exists in physical and virtual spaces. Evaluation methods to gauge their effectiveness are discussed as well as future directions for each project.

Underlying the presentation is the metaphor of movement. Within contemporary digital cultures, fungibility of information is vital for successful assimilation into varied forms of knowledge storage and retrieval systems. Creativity is fundamental to problem solving and solutions are often found in 'doing' as well as in 'thinking' processes. Knowledge can often be transmitted through actions more clearly than through words, which are often abstractions of 'doing' in the first place.

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