Enhancing Student Learning through e-Portfolios

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


This presentation will showcase the pilot phase of a teaching and learning project involving the use of e-portfolios as assessment tools and as tools for lifelong-learning in the European Studies Programme of the HKBU. The positive effects of e-portfolios as assessment tools and as tools to guide life-long learning both for students and teachers is widely recognised within the academic community. Based on a case study, the presentation will analyse and evaluate the various stages of introducing an e-portfolio to a language course including the kind of scaffolding and support students need to make the most effective use of their portfolios. The presentation will also showcase the assessment methods adopted as well as discuss the results of feedback elicited from students through post-project questionnaires. The presentation will then go on to highlight the work, aims and objectives of a recently created Community of Practice.The role of the CoP is to investigate how the practice of student e-portfolios could be developed to its fullest potential and to help students and teachers adopt the portfolio approach to support deep learning and higher level learning. Colleagues within the CoP are drawn from disciplines where students not only have to present evidence of their own self-directed learning but also to showcase their unique creative, linguistic or analytical skills. Students from these disciplines are also required to develop their professional profiles to stand out in a very competitive market environment. Moreover, students in these disciplines have to engage in life-long learning to keep up with the fast-paced changes in their professional fields.

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