Professional Buddy Program

So you are heading to your first HERDSA conference and not sure which sessions are “not to be missed”, how to navigate the program, when to have coffee, how to find rooms, which workshops and networking meetings you should be attending, who to dance with at dinner ... It all seems overwhelming until ...

No, your buddy is not a superhero, just an experienced HERDSA conference delegate who is familiar with the culture of HERDSA conferences. The role of the Professional Buddy is not to hold your hand and “no”, you don’t have to “hang out with them all week” but they will assist you to connect with others and do their best to respond to your questions regarding any aspects of the conference or opportunities offered by HERDSA beyond the conference such as Fellowships, Special Interest Groups and State Networks.

Te HERDSA Professional Buddy Program is designed to make you feel welcome and included in all HERDSA Conference activities. We have learnt from last year’s evaluation of the Program that buddies benefit most when they connect prior to the conference (via email or phone) and meet early in the conference schedule. There is a range of potential meeting times including during coffee breaks, receptions, dinners, or expeditions. Many of last year’s buddies attended each other’s presentations. How often you connect is a decision for you both to make.

Would you like a HERDSA Professional Buddy with whom to connect at the conference in Fremantle?
Would you like to be a HERDSA Professional Buddy who connects with and welcomes those new to HERDSA at the conference in Fremantle?

We hope to accommodate all those new to HERDSA but participation is dependent on how many professional buddies (experienced conference delegates) are available. Those new to HERDSA will be matched on a first-in first-matched basis. So ... If you wish to be allocated a HERDSA Professional Buddy or wish to be a HERDSA Professional Buddy for the 2016 Fremantle Conference complete the sign up form at Deadline Monday 13th June 2016. You will receive an email on Monday 20th June 2016 to inform you of your Buddy’s details!

Dr Deb Clarke
Chair, New Scholars Portfolio, HERDSA Executive