Showcase of Leadership, Practice or Policy

Abstract due date: 5 February 2016 
Submissions for Showcase presentations can be on any aspect of the conference theme or sub-themes. Showcase presentations will be evidence-based and not only outline the initiative or practice being showcased but, equally, provide clear evidence of its effectiveness. Quantitative and qualitative evidence of effectiveness are equally acceptable. 

An abstract (maximum 400 words) must be submitted for review. The abstract should be submitted as a word document using the Abstract for Review Template and NOT contain any information that might identify the author/s. The abstract should include the title and describe

1. Background/context
2. The initiative/practice
3. Method(s) of evaluative data collection and analysis
4. Evidence of outcomes and effectiveness
5. Relevance to the conference theme

Abstracts for showcase presentations will be reviewed against the following criteria.

  • Relevance
  • Description of the initiative or practice
  • Contribution to scholarship and/or practice
  • Clarity and standard of writing

Please note that presentations accepted in this category are NOT considered refereed papers. Accepted abstracts will be published on the conference website.

How to submit your final abstract accepted for presentation
If your abstract is accepted for presentation, you need to resubmit the abstract after editing for reviewer comments and adding any identifying information that was excluded from the version submitted for review including author name/s and institutional affiliation. The resubmitted abstract should follow the HERDSA Formatting Guidelines and the Showcase Template.   
Where revisions and/or corrections to formatting are required, authors will need to complete these within the time allocated and in compliance with the guidelines or they will not be accepted.