Pre-recorded video presentations

The following presenters are providing pre-recorded presentations in order to share their work with delegates. Please refer to the time and format that the presenters have included in their presentation to indicate when you can interact with them after viewing their pre-recorded video.

V2 – V34

HEA and SOTL a reflective journey (V2)
Dr Sarah Baker, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

An exclusive condition: COVID-19 induced stress as a reflector of status inequality and predictor of academic success among college students (V3)
Miss Hong Chan, University of California, United States of America

I have my Fellowship, now what?: Supporting post-award teaching and learning practice, reflexivity and planning (V4)
Ms Jennifer Coburn, Cairnmillar Institute and Dr Lukasz Swiatek, University of New South Wales

Culturally sensitive mental health support for higher education staff in an era of hypersurveillance (V6)

Dr Ursula Edgington, Independent, New Zealand

Investigating interpretations of the culturally-sensitive pedagogy of award-winning teachers in higher education (V7)
Dr Ursula Edgington, Independent, New Zealand

Burning the candle at both ends and in the middle: Explorations in combining study with demanding jobs and successful careers (V8)
Prof Susan Geertshuis, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Double blinds and dilemmas: An application of activity theory to identify contradictions in university’s development of students’ employability capabilities (V9)
Prof Susan Geertshuis, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

University persistence in Chile: Results of a university preparation program (V10)
Miss Pamela Guzman, Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile, Chile

Easing transition into blended learning in Sub-Saharan Africa: Using learning technologies indigenous to the community (V11)
Ms Rozanne Hawi, Massey University, New Zealand

Shaping a self-determination theory instrument for current higher education contexts (V12)
A/Prof Eva Heinrich, Massey University, New Zealand

Metacognitive mindset: Resetting how students think about learning biochemistry during a semester disrupted by Covid-19 lockdowns (V14)
Dr Kathryn Jones, University of Auckland, New Zealand

The playful academic (V15)
Dr Maarten Koeners, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Shifting multiple mini interviews for clinical programme selection from in-person to online delivery – a teaching and professional staff partnership (V17)
A/Prof Bridget Kool, University of Auckland, New Zealand

On graduate teaching assistants’ understanding of the six fundamental values of academic integrity at a Hong Kong university (V19) 
Dr Peter Lau, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Module orientated by research experience (MORE): Incorporating authenticity in teaching (V20) 
Dr Zheng Wei Lee, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Design of an authentic-style research project for Stage 2 students promoting deeper learning and discipline-specific ways of thinking and practice (V23)
Dr Julie McIntosh, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Power, participation, pedagogies: Faculty-student partnerships in a Southeast Asian tertiary residential college (V24) 
Dr Kankana Mukhopadhyay, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Enriching the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) process to improve tertiary teaching and learning (V27)
Dr Marion Sanders, Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, New Zealand

Creating spaces: Using digital interactive case studies for experiential learning in online classrooms (V28)
Dr Jennifer Scott, Massey University, New Zealand

A new canvas for teaching and learning with H5P (V29)
Dr Rachelle Singleton, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Using embedded cognitive modelling to teach critical thinking required for developing academic literacy in a discipline (V31)
Dr Santhakumari Thanasingam, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Crisis management in pandemic times: Reflections of JCU Singapore (V32)
Dr Caroline Wong, Professor Abhishek Bhati and Ms Ether Fink, James Cook University Singapore

Collision of playing and learning: How students could succeed in diverse virtual teams? (V34)
Mr Lawrence Mui, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

V35 – V77

Understanding the direct relationship between class discussions, confidence and improved communication skills to instill positive psychological capital in international students (V35)
Dr Anna Sekhar, Torrens University Australia

How do higher education provider’s ensure casual/sessional academics engage in professional development? (V36)
Ms Simone Morley, Torrens University Australia

Investigating the link between peer review of teaching and scholarly teaching in higher education (V37)
Ms Alexandra Johnston, The University of Melbourne

Practice-led learning: Enhancing students’ engagement and experience in challenging subject areas (V39)
Dr Jeffrey Lim, The University of Sydney

Transforming digital learning spaces: The online/classroom nexus (V43)
Dr Adam Burston, Australian Catholic University

Intrapreneurial learning in teaching & learning in research-led universities (V44)
Ms Bridget Fox and Prof Susan Geertshuis, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

A journey, a rollercoaster, or a car crash? Student metaphors of their first year at university (V45)
Dr Ella R Kahu, Massey University, New Zealand

Higher-education career advice for students from low socioeconomic status (LSES) backgrounds (V46)
Dr Olivia Groves and Kylie Austin, University of Wollongong

The diary method and its power to record the minutiae of higher education activities (V47)
Dr Olivia Groves, University of Wollongong

Changing experiences of teaching in HE: The online teacher (V48)
Dr Claire Aitchison, University of South Australia

Tablet devices and digital inking for presenting mathematical and scientific reasoning in online STEM courses: Difficult choices and good outcomes (V49)
Dr Claire Aitchison, University of South Australia

Preparedness for working with Pandora’s Box: Making sense of business education amongst ambiguity and uncertainty – Developing a learning map (V50)
Mrs Kim Ashton Love, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Using student generated content (co-creation of content) to create an authentic learning experience (V53)

Dr Joseph Rathner, The University of Melbourne

Empowering students for teamwork: An integrated program of in-class real (face-to-face) and virtual reality activities (V55)
Dr Angelina Fong, University of Melbourne

What does “internationalisation” truly mean and are we preparing students appropriately? (V57)
Dr Joanne Castelli, The University of Western Australia

Learning to be a postgraduate supervisor: A revised professional learning framework (V58)
Prof Maria Northcote, Avondale University College

Guiding principles for sustainable business education (V60)
Janine Coupe, Dr Angela Hecimovic and Corina Raduescu, The University of Sydney

The odds are against female staff in higher education – is it time to take action? (V61)
Prof Marcia Devlin, Victoria University

Using an active learning digital platform to engage and evaluate medical students studying asynchronously a ‘Preparation for Internship’ module (V62)
Ms Irene Lee, The University of Western Australia

Leading equitable outcomes for higher education students via implementation of the holistic Whare Tapa Rima-The five-sided home theoretical model (V63)
Ms Susan Stevenson, New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute

Investigating the impact of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) activities on career readiness and career progression (V65)
Shamika Almeida, University of Wollongong

Using a blended learning approach to improve engagement of first year undergraduate business students: Reflections of an Australian teaching team (V66)
Shamika Almeida, University of Wollongong

An investigation of teaching practice and the student learning experience with authentic and practitioner-based online learning materials (V72)
Rachel Bentley, Western Sydney University

Collaborate, Cambodia (V77)
Eva Lloyd, University of New South Wales