HERDSA invites higher education scholars and practitioners to join them on Kaurna Land in Adelaide, Australia, from 8-11 July 2024. The conference will feature pre-conference workshops followed by the main conference program at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The conference serves as an international gathering for individuals dedicated to higher education research, promoting student success, and exchanging evidence-based knowledge on higher education policy and practice. It offers a valuable opportunity for colleagues to connect, share ideas, and engage with HERDSA communities of practice. For those unable to attend in person, a separate virtual program will also be available.

HERDSA was established in 1972, and fosters the advancement of higher and tertiary education. It promotes research on teaching and learning, higher education development, and the formation of robust academic communities. The HERDSA conference plays a vital role in community-building and welcomes participants from various sectors, including Institutes of Higher Education, University Colleges, Universities, the VET sector, government, and community and industry bodies. All individuals with an interest in higher education, including students, policy-makers, early career researchers, senior leaders, and ‘third space’ workers, are encouraged to attend.

HERDSA 2024 will revolve around broad conference themes such as: 

  • Governance and policy
  • Teaching, learning and the student experience
  • Pathways and partnerships
  • Innovation and research
  • Professional learning for changing academic practices
  • Values, justice and integrity.

The HERDSA 2024 Organising Committee

Prof Raj


Prof Edward Palmer


Dr Tania

Onsite Conference Program Chair

Dr Malcolm

Virtual Conference
Program Chair

Dr Manisha

Communications Lead, HERDSA Executive

Dr Samantha

Conference Financial Advisor

Laurine Hurley

Liaison officer, HERDSA Executive

Prof Kogi

President HERDSA 2023-2025

Principal Partners

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